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:: Sinisa Lukic & Sasa Radic from Kaseta Music Records (BOSNIA & HERZEGOWINA) :: @ The Wave FM

Aug 8 2009 7:00PM
:: Sinisa Lukic & Sasa Radic from Kaseta Music Records (BOSNIA & HERZEGOWINA) :: @ The Wave FM
Drive: Dj Krlox
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After a year of hard work on Kaseta Music Label, this guyz into the fresh sounds working by the way show the unique minimal techno sounds with groovy bass line and effects that will force your body to move with the rhythm by itself. That means Sinisa & Sasa from Bosnia & Herzegowina.
Working too with the biggest of the eastern scene like Umek and playing by anothers as Valentino Kanzyani, Mladen Tomic amoung others, theese guyz still caring a lot his productions that you can find in all the stores around the worldwide just putting search on!, so stop of talking and let's get dance with the quality trip on the saturday special night presented by Dj Krlox and produced by Ludmille Van Henz!
19 hs AR GMT-3 00 hs Europe @

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Info label:

Kaseta Music is digital lebel created at the beginning of 2008. year.Location of the label is in Brcko in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Music that is preferred on this label is a Tech-House, Minimal and Techno. The biggest success of Kaseta Music is a track by Sinisa Lukic - 8 bit rate that's
found on several charts including the chart of Slovenian DJ and producer Uros Umek. Up to now, on this label have been released many great EP's by following Artists: Kobaya, Antrax, Miroslav Pavlovic, Tex-rec, Misha Smykk, Sinisa Lukic, Igor Krsmanovic, Two Dude, Andreja Z, Sunshine & Moree. You can aspect in the near future more good artists on Kaseta Music such as Giorgos Gatzigristos, Tundra, Paul Hazendonk, Juan Carlos Herrera, Prismano & Racun, Hernan Bass, Miko Sangello... 

TrackList : Kaseta Music Special Night with Sinisa Lukic & Sasa Radic (Back2Back mix)

1 Two Dude - Tri stazice / Kaseta Music
2 Echnox - After the rain comes the sun / Kaseta Music
3 Giorgios Gatzigristos - Dark Session / Kaseta Music
4 Juan Carlos Herrera - Control / Kaseta Music
5 Koketron & DRZ Neday - Tronwars / Kaseta Music
6 Hernan Bass - Flojita / Kaseta Music
7 Igor Krsmanovic - Papichula / Kaseta Music
8 Luka Jakir - Jungle / Kaseta Music
9 BlazV - Whalitos / Kaseta Music
10 Sinisa Lukic - Green People / Kaseta Music
11 MTHF - She is gone (Sinisa Lukic remix) / Kaseta Music

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