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:: Alen Milivojevic from Guilhotina Records (BOSNIA) :: @ The Wave FM

Aug 15 2009 7:00PM
:: Alen Milivojevic from Guilhotina Records (BOSNIA & HERZEGOWINA) :: @ The Wave FM
Drive: Dj Krlox
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This Saturday special night into the trips of Guilhotina Records will be present another night with the bangin soundz of the neo techno crusher Alen Milivojevic from Bosnia & Herzegowina.
Certainly you was listen on the anothers dates @ The Wave FM that there is a land of dark producers and dj's.
So, let's continue the virtual travel on it and get into the music your weekly shake produced by Ludmille Van Henz and drived by Dj Krlox.
19 hs AR GMT-3 00 hs Europe @

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Exclusive Set @ The Wave FM

1. Alen Milivojevic - Wanda (Original Mix)
2. Bitch Bros - Latin Soul (Original Mix)
3. Alex Under - Azul Terio Techno (Original Mix)
4. Sybel - Juntos (Original Mix)
5. Alex Dias & Tiago S - Expresso (Odessa Soundfreaks Rmx)
6. Peppelino & Odessa Soundfreaks - Reflections (John Karagiannis & PaylipService Rmx)
7. Vortechtral - Steppin' (Miche Rmx)
8. DJ Mika - Neurons (Original Mix)
9. Odessa Soundfreaks - Blow Your Ears (Pedro Delgardo & Tina Martin Rmx)
10. Bitch Bros - I'm Bad (Original Mix)
11. Luky R.D.U. - Genetica Gallega (Original Mix)
12. Concrete DJ'z - Solid State Refills (Original Mix)

Born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegowina, May, 12th 1980. Since his young age music was important thing in his life. It all started with metal, death metal and rock. He even had his band and repertoire was Majke, Metallica, Slayer, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, etc. He played guitar and done vocals.

Then the late 90’s came, and electronic music woke up interest in him. He got fully involved in electronic scene, especially techno, during early 2000’s. Going to parties, experiencing live performances of great DJ’s, gave him idea and desire for making his own music, putting what was in his head for a long time to reality for everyone to listen and enjoy. His main influences are Detroit, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Terry Francis…all the greatest.

It’s difficult, almost impossible do categorize his music. It’s very fresh and experimental. It has old school flavor with new and contemporary beats. It’s Techno/Tech-House with the touch of psychedelic sounds. Melody mixed in raw power of techno. And yet this is just the beginning of Alen Milivojevic... 

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