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06.06.2009 Marko Nastić on Jesus Loved You Special Month @ The Wave FM

Starting the special Jesus Loved You month on The Wave FM, music for the body and soul is the understanding that Valentino Kanzyani was make in order to create this label supporting a differents artists around the world for bring internationals presentations & music for the purpose.
Brillant on the excellent Serbijan scene Marko Nastic with a solid carrer around the years present us the sweatness of music in to the ritmic mix.
Don't miss it this special music from a special location!

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BIOGRAPHY Marko Nastić

Marco Nastic es otra de esas figuras balcánicas del techno más duro que sigue apasionando a los que se aferran al techno mono-loops. Cuando Marco Nastic se encomienda al despliegue técnico –efectos, mezcladora, tres giradiscos...- que acostumbra a campar por su cabina como si de un mercado persa se tratase, los cimientos de cualquier discoteca o club están en peligro de derrumbarse. En festivales como Monegros acostumbra a formar pareja con otro cacho animal, Umek. Marco Nastic es uno de los máximos representantes de esa efervescente escena balcánica que se niega a ponerse en el furgón de cola la electrónica europea. El futuro del techno serbio está en manos de jóvenes como este chico nacido en 1979 y que a la edad de 14 años empezaba a hacer sus primeros pinitos con los platos en la tienda de música de su tío. Toda su carrera se manejó a una velocidad infernal porque tan solo dos años más tarde de empezar a practicar se encuentra con su primera residencia. En 1996 crea junto a su amigo Dejan Milicevic una de las primeras plataformas de DJ serbios, Teenage Techno Punks . El colectivo aprovecha para hacer lo que hacen el resto de colectivos del plantea, invitar a la plana mayor del techno mundial para que aterrice por primera vez en la antigua Yugoslavia y así poder darse el gustazo de pinchar con los galácticos Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Kevin Saunderson, Green Velvet, Sven Väth, Danilo Vigorito... Su producción más celebrada es el 12" Devil In My Pants (publicado en 2002 en Recycled Loops) incluído en algunos mixes y compilaciones como Christian Smith Live @ Womb: The Sound Of Tronic Treatment. A finales de 2004 lanzaría desde belgrado su nuevo Recon Warriors que rápidamente se convirtió en el primer label de techno serbio.

Welcome to the world of Marko Nastic, the leading South Eastern European electronic DJ. Raised in war-torn Belgrade, Marko grew into a catalyst for the 90s generation of young that grew in isolation and despair but never surrender. In a troubled Serbia of the 90s, Marko and his buddies built one of the most vibrant club scenes in Europe, the one that inspired writers of Mixmag, The Face, DJ and NME to write accolades many moons ago. They resisted dark forces of political madness with electronic music and celebration of life. 
DJing and music were always a part of Marko Nastic’s background: even in his pre-teen years he was fascinated with synthesizers, drum machines and other sound-making gadgets. When techno started filtering through to Serbia in the early 90s, Marko entered the scene. 
Still only 14, Marko had just landed a job at Belgrade’s dance music shop Happy People, where his interest in dance music was allowed to flourish. A year later, he was behind the decks at the leading Belgrade underground club Industria.
A word on a teenage techno prodigy started spreading around town. Very soon, the new energy channeled into a young & aspiring DJs team called Teenage Techno Punks – all of them under 18 but performing like they are born on the 1210s. Nastic was the leader of the pack; soon to became the hottest talent of South Eastern Europe electronic scene. The queues the enter clubs in the region on the nights they performed were longer than ever. The word was now spreading beyond the boundaries of Serbia.
Still, to stay on the tracks in a troubled and conflict-ridden country demanded a bit more talent and power than straight down forward mixing skills and ear for a good tune. Just as techno music was becoming popular in Serbia, the Balkan conflict escalated. Marko admits that he was too young to realize the gravity of the situation, but like every area of life it also impacted on his world. “Things were tense, but a lot of it probably went over my head,” he admits. “it also meant that buying records was very difficult and the choice was poor”. 
However, the circumstances shaped and strengthened Marco just like other kids there. The free parties they threw in such a conditions are still a sort of urban legend in Belgrade, like 78 afternoon gigs they had during the 1999 NATO air raids of Serbia a sort of a ”techno against the cruise missiles” scenario. Every afternoon, 5PM sharp, the kids queued to enter Industria club, to celebrate life and resist war. Three hours later the total blackout and sounds of air ride alarms meant the parties were to stop and kids were either to stay in the club-turned-shelter or to go home. 
Soon, the war was over. One by one, the clubbing scenes in neighboring countries became aware of Nastic’s unparalleled DJing skills and his distinctive three-deck style. Marko matured into a DJ whose trademark is a lack of genre boundaries. Do not attempt to label him as techno or house or minimal: he’s all of that, and more. 
Marko was the member of the original Recycled Loops crew. After the label stopped, Marko joined Valentino’s Jesus Loved You. Besides that he established three labels himself. It all begun with the well known label Recon Warriors, which put Marko on the charts, but in time he evolved his style and that’s how Recon Light and Traffica where born.
Marko is very busy with DJing around the globe and has loads of projects running. For example Space Explorers with Marko Milosaljevic, Tango and Cash with Kobaya and Faut pas de Conner with Valentino Kanzyani and don’t forget the projects with Dejan Milicevic, Tommy de Clerqe, Aneuria, Jan Nemecek, Djordje Miljenovic and Danilo Tomic. 
Marko did his first non-European tour in 2002, which started in Brazil. Now he regularly plays gigs all over the world. Today his favorite clubs and festivals include Exit (he performed on all thus far – 10 years in a row, like no other artist there), Awakenings, Monegros, Bali, Colloseum, Florida 135 and Apollo - where Marko has a quarterly residence. 
One of his most memorable performances was the one with symphony orchestra in occasion of the 200th birth anniversary of Nikola Tesla, famous electric inventor.
Since 2006 he is the author and the host of the radio show “Music For Body And Soul” on the leading Serbian radio station B92.
His authorial album is due to be released.

Extract from Resident Advisor

Marko Nastić & Krlox @ Buenos Aires 2007

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