domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

The Wave is comming !!

For the first edition, we have two special stars incoming with two differents trip!
One to one in differents waves, times and sound of the moment.
From the old continent we have a special invited with a sweet trajectory, we are talk about Minya, the sir Markus Königsbauer from Munich Germany.
For the other side we have a local talent called Gaspar Dattilo, this one will speak with us about differents themes like music, style, production and moore...
And..! The exquisit musical selection of the moment, with a great production team! and too much tips, art, and differents styles of wave :) starting this Friday 14th november, on Fm Record 95.9 mhz from San Lorenzo city.
Stay on line for get The Wave and sintonize all of us.

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