jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

:: Diarmaid O'Meara (Ireland) & Monotonön aka Carlos Castro (CHILE) @ The Wave FM ::


Oct 3 7:00PM
:: Diarmaid O'Meara (Ireland) & Monotonön aka Carlos Castro (CHILE) @ The Wave FM ::
Drive: Dj Krlox
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Saturday Special Night sinonymus of Techno music indeed, in this weekend with two presences that confirm the rule!
Diarmaid O'Meara present on The Wave FM a powerfull session overload of techno music from Ireland, who run Gobsmacked Records, a good techno label full on top in this times.
From the south Carlos castro Molina present you another real techno audition on The Wave FM for say.. the south loves techno too!
Don't miss it, the special 100% full on Techno! You deserve it
19 hs AR GMT-3 00 hs Europe @
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Diarmaid O'Meara Bio

techno exports, Diarmaid O Meara, who was earlier this year branded by M8 magazine as "One To Watch", is known for his energetic approach to thee turntable mash-up techno sets and productions of dance floor wrecking tracks. Since his first vinyl release in 2006, his style has been grabbing mass attention with releases across a myriad of labels, support from countless acts, almost constant airplay across UK and European radio stations, including BBC Radio 1, XFM, RTE, KISS FM, NRJ Radio, DI - FM while also guest mixing for most of these stations and bringing his intense mixing style to clubs across Europe.

After several big hitter releases including 'Swear tin', 'An Inconvenient Abomination', 'Paranoid', ‘Murdering Disco’ and ‘Dirt frequencies’ which have been hitting dance floors, clubs and festivals worldwide, his music and abilities have been featured on everything from local fanzines to international magazines for the masses and regional radio stations to international music channels.

Collaborations and remixes have included Space DJz, DJ Ogi, Robert Armani, Jamie Bissmire and Luke Creed with upcoming remix’s and projects in 09 including tracks by Cj Bolland, Dj Kamikaze and numerous releases London’s ‘Potential Recordings’, Germany’s, ‘Error’ & ‘Now We Do Recordings’, Ireland’s ‘Dublin Xpress’ and of course, his own Gobsmacked label. Diarmaid is currently gearing up to release his new techno mix album at the end of 09, 'Structured Noise' will contain 16 of his most successful techno releases from the past two years and is receiving support from countless Acts, producers, radio shows and magazines. Check out www.diarmaidomeara.com and www.gobsmackedrecords.com for more info

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