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:: Rebecca Ciaglia (USA) Communiqué records @ The Wave FM ::

Sep 12 2009 7:00PM
:: Rebecca Ciaglia (USA) Communiqué records @ The Wave FM ::
Drive: Dj Krlox
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With many years of work as musician, manager and DJ. Rebecca show us her techniques around a personal techno vision and exquisites transitions.
That's why big people was trusted in Rebecca, as Woody Mc Bride, Antony Dupont.. So you don't miss this special trip around the good music from a girl that walk from the past and press into the future.
Drived of course by Dj Krlox. 
19 hs AR GMT-3 
00 hs Europe @
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Bio Rebecca Ciaglia

Rebecca Ciaglia is no stranger to music. Raised by a classical musician, her musicality was detected at an early age when she began studying the piano. The development of these skills combined with early immersion into electronic music culture has had a definite and blended impact on the artist today. 
She has resided in the Midwest for the last 12 years and over time has worn the hat of promoter, DJ, producer, and artist manager. . 
With several releases on Communiqué Records, Rebecca is propelling herself to the forefront of the international techno scene. Recent release, 'Surprise' was charted by Communiqué as #7 this past April while she toured Europe. 
Antony Dupont's 'Don't Wanna Stop Dancing Now' is due out in Aug. with a much anticipated Rebecca Ciaglia remix. 
Stay tuned...


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