sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

:: 3hrs of Dj Krlox (AR) :: @ The Wave Fm

Aug 29 2009 7:00PM 
:: 3hrs of Dj Krlox (AR) :: @ The Wave Fm
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The Saturday special night i present you my last 3 hr set of the year @ The Wave FM
I'll include tracks from my friends starting on 125 bpm from Minimal and Maximal to the most rotten fresh techno sound..
Why i say fresh if i play classics by the way of people like Jeff Mills, Pacou, Shufflemaster, Dj Esp, Hardcell, Brothers Yard amoung others?
It's because i'm employing a new techniques.
For play a Traktor Scratch, Ableton live to plattform and put it on some trips!
Maybe you heard some sinthesis by Orion and Reaktor live rewired. Yeah.. for not to be bored, i hope you enjoy it !
I see you on the air on line and the production by Ludmille Van Henz, great techno lover.
Carlos Pereyra aka KRLOX
19 hs AR GMT-3 00 hs Europe @
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