domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

16.05.2009 Broadcast live @ GTK || Emi Boero & Gquark @ THE WAVE FM

On this Saturday will be retro and transform the sat on fri.. that's will be a crazy thing but not at all.. We are talk about the Friday Special night recorded live with the dj's of the night mixing on live for the dancefloor Gquark, Emi Boero & Dj Krlox (all of the city) in the Zoë party Gotika city club VIP. In the middle night we are with interviews and a very good party.. all in sound rotten, streched and rocker for your mind! Stay with us. stream & download, writte later, spread the voice, The Wave Fm it's yourse.

Stream 16.05.09 On Line
The Wave FM 16.05.09 On Demand

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