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Olaf Noetzel on The Wave FM Saturday Special Night

Este sabado realmente The Wave FM se viste de gala para recibir a uno de los productores mas representativos y underground de los 90's estamos hablando del Aleman Olaf Noetzel quien fuera propietario del sello CONVENIENCE RECORDS que edito los discos mas concentrados del rare techno que amamos.
En este caso nos presenta un exquisito y extenso set para conocerlo mejor como dj el cual encierra con sus nuevas producciones personales el sabor del neotechno y una historia increible que no ha muerto jamas con el correr de los años.
La historia se hace presente con las personalidades mas pesadas del techno mundial, en orgullo dj Krlox te acerca un sabado diferente y por eso como todos los fines de semana te invitamos a quedarte en The Wave FM en la 95.9 mhz Record FM.

Olaf Noetzel - Exclusive on The Wave FM

Litlle Research
I played with records since I was a baby, in that days I ruined the Beatles records of My mother.-------- 1999 -2001 O.J. Noetzel Label Owner - Covenience records---- 6 stompin relaeses 1. Olaf Noetzel - collapse 2. Parkinson - Kamphof co 3. Olaf Noetzel -Nitro Grain 4. Tom Bone - Hog wild Tracks 5. Tom Bone vs. Eric Zion 6. Andre Michelle - ride me baby ------- releases on differnt label labels : 1999 ..atomic silence - Olaf Noetzel - patch bay 2005 ..shot tools - Gebrüder Noetzel - jels paradise greets OLE

Some litlle questions for a great man about his life and concepts:

Tw: What do you think about techno music in general lines.

Ole: Often people told that techno will be death soon, but as long people need to rock their frustrations of their soul at the weekend , there will be allways elektro parties. 

TW: What is the Techno music on your life?

Ole: It plays a fucking important role in my life! Iam not joking, I sold my saxophon to buy myself turntables, that was the first music instrument I could really identify with.

TW: About Convenience Records

Ole: In my early days in germanys Bielefeld. I made that convenience label, my age was about 20.
The word Convenience has the meaning of something useful. The tracks on Convenience were really tracks no songs. Some people would say that some trax are boring, because the start the way they end. Many records did that for example from adam beyer, regis etc.. the dj was the part to make it interesting, without thousand of effects. 

TW: What happend later with you and Techno.

Ole: When I moved to Düsseldorf Germany I had like five years techno break. That doesnt mean, that I never was on a party, I just wasnt really activ beeing a dj. The techno scenario in düsseldorf was no motivation. The near collogne could do that part better. But I must say that i became more open to different styles of music. I allways was a dancer, so drum and base is the best music to dance to from my view. 

TW: What is the future right now.

Ole: Since 2 years living in berlin, techno is fun again . The city rocks. I made some nice tracks and I am planing to find a label which publish some of them.
Exclusive Olaf Noetzel @ The Wave FM

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